Judo Gi Christmas Sale 2020

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Judo Gi Christmas Sale 2020


Malino is offering discounts on Kids Judo Uniforms and Adult Judo Uniforms including White Judo Suit and Black Judo Suit

Besides pre Christmas deals on martial art uniforms, Malino is also offering discounts on Protective Gear, Boxing Gear, MMA Gear, Fitness Gear etc


Malino Judo Gi has so far been the best in quality and price. Whether you are a kid, student, adult or professional, Judo Suit is made with such quality that it lasts a very long time. Judo Gi can be bought in any size as we are offering in sizes for kids and adults. These uniforms are unisex and are offered with Free Belt. Buy White Judo Gi and Black Judo Gi in options of 350gm, 450gm and get it delivered fast in UK and Worldwide 


Malino Judo Suit White 450G





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