About Us

From the beginning, Malino World Martial Arts Excellence Ltd UK has been dedicated to providing products that meet the necessities of all martial arts practitioners. This commitment entails creating a balance between the needs of the traditional practitioner and the ever-changing demands of the modern martial artist. It is evident throughout history that martial arts styles transform and evolve. We are all aware that the technologies available in the forms of material and technique are also constantly advancing to new levels. As a result, we at Malino have developed a philosophy of change to accommodate these cycles. As a seller and supplier of martial arts equipment, Malino strives to adapt to all the changes that take place within the martial arts industryMalino Gear is committed to the safety, demands, and desires of our customers. We provide you only the best of what you should expect out of your martial arts equipment.

Malino Gear’s mission is to inspire passion in our customers by making life easier in finding the best martial arts supplies and shopping experience out there. We do this by aiming to offer the best selection of products, lightning-fast delivery, incredible customer service, plus an enjoyable and easy-to-navigate shopping experience. We're always looking for new ways to wow, surprise, and enhance our customers shopping experience.